Broken ankle on Mt. Whitney Trail

Inyo County Search and Rescue received a call Sunday June 30th around 12:30. The 57 year old female patient slipped on wet rocks while filling her water bottle in the stream. She heard a crunch and pain began radiating from the lateral side of her right leg. She suspected a broken ankle. She and her […]

Altitude Sickness and Broken Ankle at Trail Camp

On June 24 at approximate 13:30, a 39-year-old male with mild altitude sickness stumbled off the Mt. Whitney Trail and sprained his ankle near Trail Camp (12,000 ft.) while attempting to reach the summit in one day. He was unable to walk and without cell phone reception, so one member of his hiking party walked […]

Whitney Trail Carryout

On June 18th 2013 Inyo SAR assisted a hiker with a sprained ankle on the Mt. Whitney Trail. The patient had OK range of motion in the ankle and minimal swelling and pain, but could not put weight on the ankle. After a full physical examination was performed, the team evacuated the patient. Initially, the […]

Downed Paraglider on Wheeler Ridge

On May 1, Inyo SAR was called out for a paraglider who had crashed above Wells Meadow on the Wheeler Ridge. The Reporting Party was a fellow paraglider who described the patient as having severe face trauma. Our team of 11 members was prepared to provide medical treatment for blood loss and possible airway complications. […]

First Whitney Mission of 2013

At 19:00 on Saturday, March 23, the team received a call about a hiker who fell 500 feet while glissading above Trail Camp and sustained an 8 inch laceration to the head. Seven members headed out from the trailhead. It was clear and warmer than we expected, with a moon to light our way for […]