Death Valley Search

Subject: 67 year old male, a  personal trainer was found missing at 8AM; last seen after dinner in a Death Valley campground.  No clues or tracks, unknown direction of travel, subject on medication for epilepsy. He had completed a 51 mile bike ride the day before.  Shoe size 9.5, type unknown. Weather: Overall very nice, […]

Training Day in Mammoth Lakes

Training today, warming wall Mammoth. Practiced and discussed patient assessment and need to complete full assessments. Talked thru scenarios and past missions to demonstrate how a good standard of care can be applied in unusual circumstances. Was very helpful to me and makes me look forward to future discussions and opinions. Today or technical training […]

Klondike Training

Great day today, we trained at Klondike Lake, with our Zodiak rescue boat. FYI we were unsuccessful in flipping it, not for lack of trying! It was just an introduction for most members and a reason for us to get out the Bar-B-Q’s the Sheriff’s dept supplied and cooked tri-tip and chicken… Thanks guys! Thanks […]