Missing hikers, Keynot mine

2 hikers dropped New York Butte were supposed to hike to and spend several days at Bevridge canyon cabin while exploring the Keynot area. The third person in the party would join them via Bevridge canyon Snow Flake trail late on the second day. The 3rd member arrived at cabin on schedule and there was […]

Overdue Climber located with Spot

Lone Whitney hiker was scheduled to summit Whitney and be in Lone Pine for dinner 8PM. We were called the next evening, we also found out he was carrying a Spot device and somebody had accessed his account finding that he had subscribed to the tracking feature it was on and he had not pressed […]

Gun Shot Wound

Report of a deer hunter with a severe leg wound, in and out of consciousness. Near Olancha Peak. Arrived at hut details sparse, sent our Lone Pine member towards Sage Flat trail head while we decided to travel via the Horseshoe meadows route that way we would cover both exit routes to our side of […]