Broken ankle on Mt. Whitney Trail

Inyo County Search and Rescue received a call Sunday June 30th around 12:30. The 57 year old female patient slipped on wet rocks while filling her water bottle in the stream. She heard a crunch and pain began radiating from the lateral side of her right leg. She suspected a broken ankle. She and her husband were able to tape and splint the injury. She was roughly 2.5 miles up the steep trail when Inyo S.A.R. made contact, collected vitals and assessed the situation. The patient was mobile but it was slow going and put stress on the injury. We decided to carry up a litter and “the wheel” to bring her down. After about an hour of riding in the bumpy litter the patient was back to her vehicle with a smile on her face. She declined further medical help deciding to travel home to her primary Doctor. Thanks to our strong team and assistance from Lone Pine Fire we made a speedy evacuation.

Posted in 2013, Missions Reports.