Missing hikers, Keynot mine

2 hikers dropped New York Butte were supposed to hike to and spend several days at Bevridge canyon cabin while exploring the Keynot area. The third person in the party would join them via Bevridge canyon Snow Flake trail late on the second day.
The 3rd member arrived at cabin on schedule and there was no sign of his friends having been there note from previous visitors warned that the normal watering holes were dry. 3rd hiker spent 1 night and then headed out for water and help to find his friends.

We were called in 4 days after they were last seen, 2 members sent to Saline Valley to search Keynot canyon and Bevridge canyon areas in case they had walked out, called for air support who flew 3 team members near Keynot Peak and they headed to Keynot mine a few hours later found probable tracks and followed well after sunset eventually finding a camp and tracks leading back toward Bevridge canyon cabin, team spent the night and continued tracking down canyon the 2 tired hikers were spotted from the air just as they exited Bevridge canyon. Everybody was flown out with only a few scrapes and scratches.  Rescue22

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