Gun Shot Wound

Report of a deer hunter with a severe leg wound, in and out of consciousness. Near Olancha Peak.

Arrived at hut details sparse, sent our Lone Pine member towards Sage Flat trail head while we decided to travel via the Horseshoe meadows route that way we would cover both exit routes to our side of the mountain. Called Sequoia King as we might be traveling in their area, also called Forest Service to ask if any rangers were in the area.

Just as we were ready to depart we got a call from his friend with coordinates with those and his description of landmarks we placed the location @8 miles into the Sequoia King territory we called them and OES (Operation of Emergency Services)who coordinate resources on missions which need multiple teams, we felt China Lake would probably be the fastest choice. Our team stood down for the night.

Posted in 2012, Missions Reports.