Klondike Training

Great day today, we trained at Klondike Lake, with our Zodiak rescue boat. FYI we were unsuccessful in flipping it, not for lack of trying! It was just an introduction for most members and a reason for us to get out the Bar-B-Q’s the Sheriff’s dept supplied and cooked tri-tip and chicken… Thanks guys! Thanks to the Sheriff and Army National Gaurd we also had a Blackhawk land to give us a tour, introduce the crew and demonstrate the rescue gear. They even did a water rescue hoising a diver in and out of the lake. We talked and enjoyed the food for a few hours during which we were told that partially due to past SAR missions the Gaurd has helped us on in the Mountains, they had learned a great deal of which made them far superior than many other units when sent to the high mountains of Afgananistan, they learned the situations we are in are very close to what they experience over there minus being shot at of course. High elevation weather extremes, high winds, high angle rescues, life threating injuries and more. This was so valuable to the armed forces they have a renewed interest in helping mountain rescue SAR teams, to further train and improve both ours and thier methods and equipment We look forward to seeing them more often as it is greatly appreciated by our team mates and people whom we rescue. Thanks again to the Army National Gaurd.

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