Training Day in Mammoth Lakes

Training today, warming wall Mammoth. Practiced and discussed patient assessment and need to complete full assessments. Talked thru scenarios and past missions to demonstrate how a good standard of care can be applied in unusual circumstances. Was very helpful to me and makes me look forward to future discussions and opinions. Today or technical training was jugging a line and converting to a rappel. We used a variety of jugging techniques Petzl ascenders with aiders and with Purcell’s, Purcell only, prussic’s and slings, tiblocs, one foot, two foot, frogging and more. Looked at caving as well as big wall techniques and applications of what we normally carry and are faced with. We also practiced switch to rappel in mid climb and gear needed to do so safely, switch from rappel to ascending. All in all a great day, wish more people could have came out but there was a late night mission on Whitney that was not done until 5AM this morning. So if you were not able to make it check in at future meetings as we will be doing a variation on this in again.  Rescue22

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