Jigsaw Pass Recovery

  On the evening of August 8, 2015 a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) device was set off requesting immediate helicopter evacuation for a patient with unknown injuries. The GPS coordinates placed the alert just below Jigsaw Pass in a Palisades subrange, just east of Mt Agassiz. A couple of hours later, another PLB message was received saying one word: […]

Two Individuals Separated from Their Parties, Same Trail, Same Day

August 3, 2015   The team received a call at 0600 hours requesting assistance for two separate individuals in the Blue Lake and Dingleberry Lake area of Sabrina Basin. Each had become separated from their parties while on day hikes away from camp, one intentionally and one unintentionally. The first missing person, a 57 year […]

Taboose Pass Walk-out

Just west of Taboose Pass, a 67-year-old male was hiking in a party of three (Subject, brother, and friend) when he started feeling weak and dizzy, lost his footing, and fell into a creek. The subject’s friend descended to get help and reported to Inyo County dispatch that the subject had fallen into the creek and […]

Open Forearm Fracture on Mt. Emerson

On May 2nd Inyo SAR was notified of a 28-year-old female with an open left forearm fracture at the base of the southeast face route on Mount Emerson, three miles up the Piute Pass trail. The patient had taken approximately a 20-foot fall at the beginning of the climb; she and her partner were attempting […]

Dislocated Shoulder at Upper Boyscout Lake

On April 24 Inyo County SAR was dispatched to assist a 66-year-old male with a dislocated shoulder at Upper Boy Scout Lake in the north fork of Lone Pine Creek. The patient had taken a fall traversing around Iceberg Lake the previous afternoon after summiting Mt. Whitney. A hasty team consisting of two SAR members […]