Taboose Pass Walk-out

Just west of Taboose Pass, a 67-year-old male was hiking in a party of three (Subject, brother, and friend) when he started feeling weak and dizzy, lost his footing, and fell into a creek. The subject’s friend descended to get help and reported to Inyo County dispatch that the subject had fallen into the creek and was showing signs of hypothermia.


Inyo County SAR was dispatched the following morning, and a hasty team began hiking up the Taboose Pass trail at 0800. A second team began hiking at 0845. A CHP Helicopter was placed on standby.  At 1000 the hasty team contacted the brother who reported that the subject received no injuries during his fall and was not hypothermic.  The brother had left the subject the night before at approximately 2100. The hasty team continued up the trail to make contact with the subject. At approximately 1200, the subject was spotted .5 mile East of Taboose Pass. The subject was found moving slowly down the trail; contact was made, and the patient reported no injuries. A medical assessment was conducted by Inyo SAR EMTs, which revealed several shallow abrasions on the left side of the subject’s head. The subject stated that he had taken two falls throughout the evening due to poor lighting and fatigue. No more significant findings were discovered. Because the subject was in stable condition and able to walk, the team accompanied the subject to the trailhead. The team gave the subject food and water, carried his pack, and assisted him down the trail. The subject was able to sustain a slow but steady pace. Rescuers and the patient arrived back at the trailhead at 2200.IMG_8822

Posted in 2015, Missions Reports.