Chestpain radiating down left arm, trailside meadows

Not all missions are urgent but this was another one where speed is a critical issue, 9 team members as light and fast as possible came from Bishop and Lone Pine. 29 yo solo hiker, was still trying to get down on his own power. H realized the only solutions to his problem was down […]

Missing hiker Whitney main trial

Report of a 68 year old male hiker who got seperated from his group but was determined to summit somewhere along the line things got confusing as we had reports he was coming down the trail and later he was heading back up we after midnight, the teams not being prepared to overnight amd the […]

Recovery Sawmill Canyon

INYO SAR received report of a decedent up the Sawmill Canyon Trail, initially found by a recreational hiker. A body recovery is never a pleasant task, but still a very valuable service. Many families have benefited from expedious and respectful SAR teams bringing home thier loved ones. 8 dedicated members did a 2.5 mile carryout […]

Abandonded Camp Little Italy

A concerned Yosimite Ranger visiting reported a tent full of gear abandoned near Honeymoon Lake. Recon done by Inyo SAR found no camp at coordinates given, searched all sites around Honeymoon Lake and interviewd all groups none of which had seen a camp left alone. Gave instructions to all campers and hikers to please call […]