Chestpain radiating down left arm, trailside meadows

Not all missions are urgent but this was another one where speed is a critical issue, 9 team members as light and fast as possible came from Bishop and Lone Pine.

29 yo solo hiker, was still trying to get down on his own power. H realized the only solutions to his problem was down hill if he could get there in time.

Our first team members got to him and made a quick assessment and a few minutes to get Pt’s heart rate down by calming and high flow O2. Found out the chest pains started over a day ago in the back country where he was trail checked, his pulse and BP were both very high then. With further questioning about his history and events on the trip we suspect diet issues may have created an electrolite imbalance, which is far better than a heart condition at his young age and with his love of mountaineering.

With AED at the ready we secured him into our litter and wheeled him out in record time, thanks to the 9 team members working together like a fine watch. Lone Pine ambulance met us at the trailhead. Thanks to the team effort we were all able to make it to our day jobs in the morning albeit minus a little sleep.

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