Missing hiker Whitney main trial

Report of a 68 year old male hiker who got seperated from his group but was determined to summit somewhere along the line things got confusing as we had reports he was coming down the trail and later he was heading back up we after midnight, the teams not being prepared to overnight amd the fack unless somebody is literall on the trail it is not productive or safe too search everywhere, the team returned to the trailhead and prpared for a second search in the morning. Our customer was found at the cliffs between Mirror and Outpost. WIth more than a few seriousinjuries here please beaware it is somewhere many people loose the trial and end up high over outpost where the trail can be seen but the ever increasing angle of the cliffs lure them out to a point where it is difficult to return and eventuall get cliffed out then if they don’t shout for and receive help many end up falling while tring to down climb. Members on the mission will add details to this report later.

Posted in 2012, Missions Reports.