Pine Creek leg injury?

8PM callout for an eldery woman with foot or ankle injury unable to continue 3.8 miles from Pine Creek trailhead, approx 3/4 mile from Pine Lake, no further details and reporting party not currently available.

Team one was two members who live close to trailhead they went up immediatley with intent to get her down to the wide section of the trail so a litter could be used with team two as we knew crutches would be very slow going and most people only can manage crutches on steep trails for a few miles before thier arms give out. A second team of two members went to our Posse hut and brought 1st. Out our primary rescue truck incase more gear was needed.

We were optimistic and hoped Pt. was 3/4 mile down hill from lower Pine, then we hoped she was between lower and upper Pine Lakes, then we were sure whe was 3/4 past upper pine, and finally thought mabye they mistook Honeymoon lake for Pine Lake. Surpisingly we found nobody hiking or camping anywhere up to that point. Now we were over 5 miles in nobody responding to our shouting and had to head down with only the hope she had made it out on her own. Nice night but after a full day of work our 11 mile search left us very much ready for sleep. Mission 8PM to 3AM

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