Motorcycle breakdown strands rider near Deep Springs

On Sunday May 11, 2014, at about 10:30am, the Inyo County Sheriff dispatch was contacted by a reporting party (RP) from Eagle, Colorado.  The RP stated that he had been dirt biking with his two brothers when one brother’s bike broke down. The RP and the third brother rode out for help, arriving at Deep Springs College on Sunday morning. The patient, a 62-year-old from Los Angeles, remained where his bike had broken down and was without food or water. By 13:00, 9 members of Inyo SAR arrived at Deep Springs College to meet up with the RP and get directions to the patient’s location. The team determined the best approach and headed up a four-wheel-drive road into Wyman Canyon.

At about 14:45pm, 2 Inyo County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at Wyman Canyon with OHVs to assist in the search for the patient.  After driving approximately 15 miles, the deputies met up with members of the SAR team.  The deputies were told that 6 SAR members were ascending a narrow canyon road where they expected to find the patient.  Shortly after the deputies started up the narrow canyon with the OHVs a SAR team member advised that they located the patient, who was uninjured and in good health.

Two Good Samaritans, in the area on OHVs, had come across the patient shortly before the SAR team arrived at his location. They gave him a ride back to the Wyman Canyon road, where care was transferred to the deputies. The patient was driven back to Deep Springs College and reunited with his brother at about 18:00.

image (2)

Inyo SAR team members enjoy the view from a high point south of Wyman Canyon while relaying that the patient has been found.

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