Climber Fall at the Happy Boulders

At 15:07 on November 23rd, Inyo SAR was dispatched for an injured climber located approximately 1/2 mile along the trail to the Happy Boulders. She had apparently fallen from about 15 feet, and was complaining of severe back and ankle pain. More than 10 team members assembled, and a hasty team was deployed immediately. After arriving at the parking area two medically-trained rescue members worked their way quickly towards the victim. The rest of the team moved gear up the trail.

The climber was found directly below the “Heavenly Path” boulder problem. A registered nurse was already on scene, directing others to keep the patient warm and maintain manual C-spine stabilization. The patient was assessed and SAR team members moved quickly and deliberately to get her safely onto a backboard and into a litter. With many responders and layperson assistance at hand, the team was able to wheel her out to the trailhead efficiently and without incident. Despite her 10/10 back pain, the patient remained stable, alert, and oriented throughout the entire transport. An ambulance was waiting at the trailhead, where care was transferred.

2013-11-23 16.28.24

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