Multiple Seizures at Trail Camp

On the evening of Friday, June 20, 2014, Inyo County Search and Rescue was alerted that a 29-year-old male had suffered from a seizure at Trail Camp on the Whitney Trail. Four team members responded: two Wilderness EMTs and two Wilderness First Responders. A two-member hasty team made their way up the trail and interviewed […]

Multi-Day Search Operation for Missing Hiker on Whitney Trail

One of the largest, longest, and most well-publicized missions in Inyo SAR’s recent history concluded on Friday June 20 with the recovery of the body of John Likely, a hiker who had gone missing on the Whitney Trail on June 14. See below for details:     June 16, 2014 Contact: Carma Roper, PIO (760) 878-0395 […]

Stranded Motorist “Somewhere Between Lone Pine and Independence”

On the afternoon of Monday June 2, 2014 Inyo County Sheriff’s Department was contacted regarding a stranded motorist somewhere between Lone Pine and Independence. The subject’s vehicle had become stuck on a dirt road, and the subject had walked a few miles until he could “see water and a large building,” at which point he […]

Rigging for Rescue

There is a certain cachet in the technical rescue. When many people think of Search and Rescue, the first image in their minds is an orange-shirted attendant guiding a litter down a steep rock face, innumerable pulleys and pieces of cord dangling from his harness. In reality, technical missions form a distinct minority of all SAR […]