Mt Langley

JW, MM, AS, JW, PR holding report 1 member of a party was separated from the rest near the summit of Mt Langley, they were heading back to Horseshoe meadows and he fails to return. A recovery was made apparently he had fallen trying to descend via another route. Sequoia Kings was also present as […]

Tech training

  07/21/12 Ascending and descending vertical rope, converting to and from a rappel.  Class was done on a nice shady wall in Little Egypt.  If you didn’t make it you missed a fun day on rope, lots of tips and tricks were discussed.  Victor’s fun fact #27 is something we all should remember.  If you’re […]

Missing hiker Trail Crest

A party of 4 had planned on summitting Mt Whiney, “car-to-car” in a day. W/in sight of the summit hut, one member of the party displayed symptoms of AMS. It was decided that the remaining three would summit and she would wait for them…or head down (back to Whitney Portal) if she got cold or […]

Broken leg Gem Lake

07/16/12 6PM callout climber fell broken leg Gem Lake upper Rock Creek.  6 members responded and hiked trail to find injured climber trying to walk out, he refused a full assessment and to be carried out, but was willing to use crutches and we walked out with him where his party drove him to the […]