Multi-Day Search Operation for Missing Hiker on Whitney Trail

One of the largest, longest, and most well-publicized missions in Inyo SAR’s recent history concluded on Friday June 20 with the recovery of the body of John Likely, a hiker who had gone missing on the Whitney Trail on June 14. See below for details:     June 16, 2014 Contact: Carma Roper, PIO (760) 878-0395 […]

Overdue Climber located with Spot

Lone Whitney hiker was scheduled to summit Whitney and be in Lone Pine for dinner 8PM. We were called the next evening, we also found out he was carrying a Spot device and somebody had accessed his account finding that he had subscribed to the tracking feature it was on and he had not pressed […]

Chestpain radiating down left arm, trailside meadows

Not all missions are urgent but this was another one where speed is a critical issue, 9 team members as light and fast as possible came from Bishop and Lone Pine. 29 yo solo hiker, was still trying to get down on his own power. H realized the only solutions to his problem was down […]